Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vogue Adore (Robyn ''Rihanna'' Fenty)

If there was punishment for always looking fabulous then Ms. Fenty would be dead from all the punishments. With a very vast sense of style, she has become the world's most style-influential people. I like to call Rihanna's style a realist's mask because each one of us, even the most unfashionable, can relate to the story she tells through her fashion statements. Rihanna stays on edge, never afraid to take that leap of faith and do what just an ordinary nybody can do. Her ''Bad Girl'' persona that followed her Good Girl Gone Bad album has come with a lot of audacity to the world of style.

Ever since she stepped into scene in 2005 she has had the most explosive transformation ever. Came in as a talented little Caribbean girl, completely juvenile! Dressed in cropped tops and saggy jeans, all just a phase. At the release of her second hit album Girl Like me she was already making her way to the top of the fashion business. She was seating row at fashion week and doing covers with top fashion magazine like Elle, Glamour and Teen Vogue. At the time, I honestly thought she was the only thing that made sense.

Ms Fenty brought a brand new perspective to fashion, she infuse Paris-couture with Street Punk and ensures she has the best hair-do to go with her eccentric sense of style. For her if you follow all the rules, you'll miss all the fun. True! She said in a Glamour cover-story (march 2010), ''fashion's one of the fun things i get to do: to create looks that aren't typical. I respect for her for that, she doesn't play by the rules always which makes her style almost impossible to ignore. I must add that her voice isn't all that but the amount of style and energy injected into them just makes them irresistible.

Rihanna is all Vogue101 stands for fresh, edgy, on fire fashion,ruway smart and street cool. She just could be our ambassidor, we'd love that.. :)

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